Yeti Cup Powder Coating

Yeti Cup Powder Coating in Richmond, VA.

Yeti cups are incredibly popular with everyone from outdoor enthusiasts to a person working 9 to 5 who needs a warm cup of coffee. With Yeti’s popularity comes the understandable need to customize the cup. Who wouldn’t want a personalized cup? We, at Hanover Powder Coating, can provide customization to any Yeti Cup by powder coating.

While some companies may not feel a project as small as a Yeti cup is worth their time, Hanover Powder Coating feels any project is worth our best effort. We are a family owned business, and we want our customers to understand that providing proper powder coating is our passion, and we will happily take any project big or small – anything from a chassis to a Yeti cup!

Just because the Yeti cup is small, does not mean the powder coating process becomes any simpler. After we apply the powder coating, we still have to properly bake the Yeti cup to ensure the powder will melt and create a protective sheet around your cup. This careful process will give your Yeti cup the professional look while also giving it sustaining durability.

Using powder coating for your Yeti cup is also the greener option compared to paint. Unlike normal paint, powder coating does not use solvents, as it only uses compressed air. Also, anything that is over sprayed can by reused, meaning that nothing from the powder coating process will be wasted.

While the Yeti cup may seem like a small project, make no mistake; it should not be left in the hand of amateurs. Hanover Powder Coating provides the most professional and experienced staff in the Richmond and Ashland, Virginia area. Anything from a car to a Yeti should be left in the hands of a professional who cares about the end result of the product. Make an appointment with us today!