Industrial and High Volume Powder Coating

Industrial and High Volume Powder Coating- Virginia

Want to separate the hobbyists from the true powder coating professionals? Ask them if they can powder coat something big.

What we have found in the world of powder coating is that there are legitimate powder coaters, and there are hobbyists who offer powder coating services to the public. While these smaller companies might be fine if you need a one off part coated for a project or a hobby such as auto restoration, the rubber really meets the road when dealing with high volume production runs or large scale industrial powder coating.

At Hanover Powder Coating, we have the facilities, staff, and equipment to handle just about any sized industrial project, and we can routinely handle high volume production runs.

Our powder coating facility in Ashland, Virginia includes:

  • Eight Powder coating ovens ranging in size from 10’x10’x10 to 35 x10 x 12 to handle very large jobs.
  • Bake and burn off oven to remove old coatings  9’x7’x8
  • Sandblasting capabilities
  • Dustless Blasting

We are a family owned and operated company with 32 full-time people on staff. Half of our staff has over 10 years experience with powder coating. Since our founding in 2000, we have worked hard to build a powder coating facility that is capable of handling large scale industrial powder coating needs. Our staff strives to give each and every customer the same attention, expediency, and quality regardless of project size.

Our facility is built specifically to give us unequaled flexibility in scheduling your parts to meet your delivery requirements. We have experience dealing with many different industrial and commercial coatings in industries such as:

  •    fiber optic controls
  •    communication equipment
  •    Industrial Powder Coating Services computer housings
  •    store displays
  •    motorcycle and automotive parts
  •    military
  •    ornamental fencing
  •    marine coatings
  •    architectural coatings
  •    fluoropolymer coatings
  •    intricate maskings for precision parts