About Us

Family owned and operated powder coating company that can handle any size project needs! So many powder coating companies out there are nothing more than a home-based shop with a small oven and some basic equipment. Hanover Powder coating is not that kind of company. We are one of the Richmond Virginia’s largest powder coating companies.  We are a family owned and operated company with 32 full-time employees on staff. Half of our staff has over 10 years experience with powder coating. Since our founding in 2000, we have worked hard to build a powder coating facility that is capable of handling small one-off projects for hobbyists and DIY’ers, to large scale industrial powder coating needs. Our staff strives to give each and every customer the same attention, expediency, and quality regardless of project size.


World Class Powder Coating Finishes. Our facility in Hanover Virginia is one of the best equipped powder coating facilities in the Mid-Atlantic area. We have the following equipment and capabilities:

  • Eight Powder coating ovens ranging in size from 10’x10’x10′ to 35′ x10′ x 12′ to handle very large jobs.
  • Bake and burn off oven to remove old coatings  9’x7’x8′
  • Sandblasting capabilities
  • Dustless Blasting
Powder Coating
Sand Blasting/ Dustless Blasting
Heavy Coating Burn Off
We support the Cure for Breast Cancer
At Hanover Powder Coating, we support the cure for breast cancer.